Digital illustration of a burger, fries, and popcorn in a movie theater

Studio Movie Grill

Boosting box office sales at a dine-in theater experience

Media Strategy

Campaign Execution

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Media Planning

Since 2000, Studio Movie Grill (SMG) has been the leader in modernizing the traditional movie-going experience by combining first-run movies with full-service, in-theater dining. With over 30+ locations in the US and growing competition, SMG partnered with Tractorbeam to drive ticket sales online.

Digital illustration of a burger, fries, and popcorn in a movie theater

Defining the audience

Tractorbeam partnered with SMG’s audience insights team to create specific audience targets for each film genre. This strategy allowed our digital marketing team to hone in on the highest-performing keywords and ad copy for each moviegoer segment.

Ticket Revenue
Ticket Purchases
Return on Ad Spend
20 to 1

Aligning with box office releases

Once the target audience segmentation was set, the team restructured SMG’s Google Ads campaigns to capitalize on new film releases. Using the unique SMG value proposition, the campaigns gained a higher click-through rate on long-tail queries.

Programmatic Advertising ROI
Retargeting ROI

Harnessing programmatic and retargeting

Using extensive audience insights, Tractorbeam created niche, movie-focused programmatic campaigns to increase advanced ticket sales and drive conversions on special events and general ticket sales. Retargeting was implemented to match website visitors with specific movie ads, which increased SMG’s conversion rate by 60%.

Organic Visits
Conversion Rate
Organic Revenue


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