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Dacor is a leader in design and innovation known for building distinctive appliances rooted in style and driven by technology. In 2020, the brand partnered with Tractorbeam to define a clear positioning strategy and visual identity within the national marketplace, competitive landscape, and relevant target audience segments.

Reflection of tree branches in a mirror
A hilltop home with a pool and sundeck overlooking the city
A person opening a stainless steel oven door
A close up view of a stove top burner
A rocky beach near an oceanside cliff
A surfer with surfboard running toward the ocean around sunset
A cliffside villa near the ocean on a cloudless day
A wine refrigerator with slide out shelves
A woman grabbing beverage from an open refrigerator door
A hand closing a stainless steel appliance
Digital display next to a covered pot on an active burner
Shadows cast across closed refrigerator doors
Stove burner emblazoned with the Dacor logo
Reflection of tree branches and clouds on glass
Waves crashing near the beach
Assortment of pots on burners on a stovetop with digital display
Woman working on a cinematic camera rig on wheels
Two silver pots atop a stovetop range
Catalog of Dacor appliances on a wooden table
Dacor catalog with flipping pages
Rocky coastline through a partially open window curtain
Pages of a Dacor Catalog on a white table
Product photos arranged on a table
Stack of Dacor catalogs on a grey background
Opened Dacor catalog on a wooden table
Appliance section catalog dividers
Black and white photo of a mountain road in a catalog
Fanned out pages of a Dacor catalog


Cityscape with colored location pins on buildings


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