Lounge chairs on outdoor patio

Belmont Hotel

Restoring an iconic hilltop hotel

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Discover The Past:
Uncover the rich history of a Dallas icon in order to tell the story to a new generation. Opened in 1947 as Belmont Motor Lodge, the hotel had many incarnations, yet has always represented a respite for weary travelers, an iconic piece of the landscape, and a representation of the best that Dallas has to offer. We looked into this history – combing through library archives and publications from long ago to discover forgotten assets and resurrect a past life.

Back To Black:
Refresh the brand visual identity by returning to its simple, mid-century roots. Create a brand that looks timeless because it actually is. After various owners, renovations, and revisions throughout the decades, we dreamt of restoring the hotel’s identity to its original state: timeless and true. Fusing elements from the Belmont’s opening era with an air of modest mystery, we brought to life a new chapter of the hotel’s future by uncovering what was already there.

Lounge chairs on outdoor patio
Gallery of people enjoying time near Belmont Hotel
Historic photo of the Belmont Hotel
Old newspaper page featuring Belmont Hotel
Flyer for an event at the Belmont Hotel
Sketch of an aerial view of the Belmont Hotel
The Hotel with the Sky View
Sketches of buildings by the Belmont Hotel
Cactus planted in a pot on a white wall
The letter BSketch of the Belmont HotelBelmont HotelBelmont Hotel, Dallas, Texas
Gallery of Belmont and its listed features and location
Gallery of phrases for Belmont Hotel
View of building with yellow door and red roof
Review form and breakfast menu for Belmont Hotel
Music library check out forms for Belmont Hotel
Mail forms and microphone
Title of Belmont Hotel and a sketch of its building
It's right in front of you
Formal opening, November 15, 2016
Agave plant against blue sky
Belmont Hotel napkins and a glass cup
Belmont Hotel notepad in an agave plant
Belmont Hotel coaster floating in pool
Belmont Hotel cards in an agave plant
Man and woman sitting by a billboard
Billboard for the Belmont Hotel
Flyers for the Belmont Hotel and its hours of operation
Photos of magazine pages for the Belmont Hotel
Photos of magazine pages for the Belmont Hotel
Photos of magazine pages for the Belmont Hotel
Design for an event at the Belmont Hotel
Advertisement for the Newport Folk Festival with the Belmont Hotel
Flyer for an event at the Belmont Hotel
Bar Belmont
Room service hours of operation
A neon sign that says for lovers only
Moscow mule cup with the letter B
Woman in a pink dress and black heels
Food and drink menu for the Belmont Hotel
Pink cocktails menu for the Belmont Hotel
Hand holding a food and drinks menu by the pool
See the stars in Oak Cliff
The letter B against a copper and pink background
Suit with the letter B on it against a pink background
Match box with the letter B on it and two matches
White building against a blue sky
Yucca and other plants in front of a building
Hotel bedroom with a bathtub
Driveway and buildings of the Belmont Hotel
Breakfast table in front of a window
Record player and a pile of records
Hotel bedroom with nightstand and chair
Lizard sitting on a plant
White building behind trees and below a blue sky
Blurred movements of a guest in their hotel room
Bathroom sink with blue wall and round mirror
Bar counter with liquor and a sink
Sun beaming down on plants by a road
Guest playing the guitar on their hotel bedroom
View of the Dallas skyline at dusk


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