Belmont Hotel

Discover The Past:

Uncover the rich history of a Dallas icon in order to tell the story to a new generation. Opened in 1947 as Belmont Motor Lodge, the hotel had many incarnations, yet has always represented a respite for weary travelers, an iconic piece of the landscape, and a representation of the best that Dallas has to offer. We looked into this history – combing through library archives and publications from long ago to discover forgotten assets and resurrect a past life.

Back To Black:

Refresh the brand visual identity by returning to its simple, mid-century roots. Create a brand that looks timeless because it actually is. After various owners, renovations, and revisions throughout the decades, we dreamt ofrestoring the hotel’s identity to itsoriginal state: timeless and true. Fusing elements from the Belmont’sopening era with an air of modest mystery, we brought to life a new chapter of the hotel’s future by uncovering what was already there.


Brand Identity:

Design a brand identity system that conveys an unadulterated honesty and optimism.


We drew from mid-century marquee signage, pizza boxes, and slogans to create a series of marks, illustrations, and tagline.