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A SoCal seafood concept comes to a landlocked Dallas suburb. Tractorbeam's challenge was to transport an aesthetic and a sensibility halfway across the country without sacrificing authenticity or seeming like a non-sequitur. The first step was choosing a name that winked at the apparent contradiction and promised something of a transportive experience. The next step was building a brand identity that established a sense of place and allowed the SoCal energy to flow freely.

The design system was rooted in the concept of tides, high energy at high tide, more subdued energy as the tide ebbed. This framework was carried over into interiors, menu design, and programming to create a diverse experience throughout the week and across day-parts.


Stetson logo


A new dawn for a heritage hat brand

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Box of H2OX fishing line on a dark blue background


Baiting the hook for a performance fishing brand

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Dacor catalog sitting on a wood table


Elevating a luxury home appliance brand

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