UMusic Hotels



Universal Music Group has partnered with Dakia U-Ventures to launch UMusic Hotels, a global collection of music-based, experiential hotel properties.

UMusic Hotels partnered with Tractorbeam for Digital Marketing, which included implementing best-in-class SEO during the new UMusic Hotels website design, development, and launch phase.



Tractorbeam’s SEO team worked with UMusic’s web design and development team to ensure the website launched with the best opportunity to gain search engine visibility. Our role was to:

  • Implement UX/UI that meets the demands of potential guests
  • Identify solutions to drive the website experience forward
  • Ensure the website is adaptable to the ever-changing demands of the digital landscape
  • Support the development team throughout the implementation
  • Work on behalf of UMusic Hotels to follow all SEO best practices throughout the wireframe process


The website was built in Adobe Experience Manager and integrates the Synxis booking engine. The site features a brand website, as well as the first property website (located in Madrid) built off the root domain.

Tractorbeam’s SEO team created the website’s hierarchy, website flow, and URL structure. We used keyword research to help drive the URL structure and handwritten metadata. We worked with the development team to create the page structure from h1s down to h3s and ensure the keyword strategy was placed at the forefront of the site while supporting the branding strategy.

The website’s content was optimized in both English and Spanish to ensure the site could be found in both languages. This also included the use of rel=canonical and hreflang tags for ease of search indexing.

Tractorbeam integrated Open Graph and Twitter Cards for richer social media linking experiences.

Tractorbeam also created the Google Tag Manager accounts and launched both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4. As Synxis had yet to publish a GA4 container, Tractorbeam created UMusic’s GA4 e-commerce tracking from scratch (with a lot of trial and error!) to ensure data was flowing through GA4 ahead of Universal Analytics being sunset.

Upon launch, we QA’ed the entire site in both English and Spanish, across both Desktop and Mobile.


  • Google Organic resulted in 47% of traffic from launch to date
  • Google Organic resulted in 58% of the revenue from launch to date
  • Google Organic achieved the highest conversion rate of all channels from launch to date
  • Google Organic achieved the lowest bounce rate of all channels from launch to date