The Barb Shop


Create an effective digital marketing plan for a new hair styling product that raises brand awareness and converts new customers.

Audience Research

Are you a Barb?

Barb was founded to give folks with short hair a home and to grow representation in the industry. Barb is a more inclusive hair care solution.

To find immediate success, we had to identify the right audience to introduce to the brand. We worked with Barb to understand their concentrated markets. Since the Barb team was focused on growing their wholesale business, we wanted to target markets that also had a physical presence.

Once the markets were identified, we narrowed down customer interests & affinities, segmented out age groups, and, finally, determined what marketing channels would best reach the personas.

Paid Media

Digital Channel Mix

The media plan included a mix of brand awareness and bottom-of-funnel channels.

We launched The Barb Shop on TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. As traffic began to grow, we layered in retargeting to capture non-converters.

Barb’s main product is a $30 jar of soft hold pomade (which, speaking from experience, works great and smells even better). Given the average order value, we worked closely with Barb to increase AOV through bundle creations and initial quantity recommendations. These tactics allow us to deliver a higher ROI and pave the way for future products.

In addition, we worked with Barb on website UX/UI to improve the customer experience and implemented tactics to drive email subscriptions.

barb rev

*Revenue increase from launch of ads in Oct 2021


Revenue Growth

We did something a bit unusual with Barb and worked agency fee-free for the first 90 days as a proof of concept (don’t get any ideas!). As a new company with a mission we strongly believed in, we wanted to help in any way we could. We agreed that if we were maintaining a positive ROI after the first 90 days, we would move to a traditional agency model.

Not only was Barb hitting a positive ROI, but we have also steadily increased the budget month after month while continually growing Barb’s ROI.

Transaction Increase from Month 1


Cost per Transaction