Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil


Perform an SEO migration from the old Texas de Brazil website to the one, while working toward increasing rankings and traffic.

In addition, begin advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Ads to increase reservations and gift card purchases for the 75+ Texas de Brazil locations

Search Engine Optimization

Performing an SEO migration can be challenging, especially when the retiring website had no ongoing search engine optimization management. The risk when migrating is that the new website will lose rankings, lose traffic, and lose conversions.

Tractorbeam created a 1-to-1 301 redirect map from the old URLs to the new URLs, optimized the website’s content and meta data for key search queries, and worked with the development team to implement schema data, open graph protocol, and improve user experience.




Gift Card Revenue



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Google AdWords

Tractorbeam created the Google Ads account to convert gift cards and VIP cards, as well as to gain reservations.

Each Google Ads campaign is geo targeted to a five mile radius around each location and day parted around lunch and dinner to maximize budget.

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Goal Conversion Rate


Return on Ad Spend


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads strategically promote new restaurant openings, VIP and gift cards, eClub signups, and push holiday reservations.

The audience is targeted by location, interest in similar dining experiences, and device types. Ads rotate between static, carousel, and video across both Facebook and Instagram through feeds, stories, and instant articles.

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