Peau de Loup


Help an LGBTQ+ fashion brand reach its audience and expand into the US.

Peau de Loup challenges gender norms in fashion. While traditional clothing relies on a binary fit and sizing system, Peau de Loup created their own fit system that favors body shape and size over gender.

Peau de Loup partnered with Tractorbeam to help with website user experience and conversion rates, as well as execute social media and search engine marketing.

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Audience Research

Clothing Made For Bodies

Peau de Loup embodies gender fluidity for the LGBTQ+ community and believes everyone deserves the right to align their outward appearance with their inner identity.

We first worked to identify PDL’s broader audience of LGBTQ+ living in the US. We created 6 personas to target with specific ad sets that would appeal to their distinct needs.

It was important that ad content spoke directly to the lifestyle of the personas to have the greatest impact and influence purchase decisions.

Based on the audiences, we used a blend of Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads to reach the target audience during the discovery and purchase phases of the conversion funnel.

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User Experience

Peau de Loup is unique in that their clothes are made from up-cycled materials. Meaning that when a product is out of stock, chances are it will not come back in stock. While this has an incredibly positive environmental impact, it can create a frustrating user experience.

Often, when a person came to the Peau de Loup website, the clothing in the hero images would be out of stock or not on the website. Additionally, there was no easy way to get from the homepage to the articles of clothing you were seeing in the images.

To increase conversion rates and help alleviate user frustration, we worked with Peau de Loup to introduce image hotspots overlaying the available clothing to create quick shop opportunities. The hotspots allowed users to quickly identify if products were available and in what sizes, without having to hunt through the site.

December 2022 vs 2021

+9.2% conversion rate increase

Google Analytics Audit

Peau de Loup’s Google Analytics was set up incorrectly when we began working together. A previous partner had set up a channel override to credit all attribution to their campaigns. Shady, right? When we started working together, 66% of their transactions were still being attributed to their previous partner.

We discovered that there was a Google Analytics override code snippet buried in Shopify, which was altering the source/medium of site traffic. We found and removed this snippet and had their Analytics reporting properly.

In addition, Tractorbeam also created their GA4 account and implemented e-commerce tracking in Shopify via Google Tag Manager.

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Paid Media

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Ads were created to appeal to gender-fluid people and foster a place of acceptance and belonging. We combined PDL’s photography with the brand messaging and leaned on Facebook’s algorithm to reach our audience. After the learning phase, we optimized and rotated ad creative to continually increase ROI.

Facebook/Instagram ROAS

4.1:1 ROAS

Google Ads

Google Ads were created to reach people in the research and brand awareness phase of the conversion funnel.

We created the campaigns to target specific cities with a dense LGBTQ+ population. We found great success targeting New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, and Austin in the US, as well as Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto in Canada.

Using the Peau de Loup brand voice, we targeted branded keywords, as well as broader keywords such as, “gender neutral clothing,” “queer fashion,” “gender fluid clothing,” “androgynous clothing brands,” “androgynous fashion,” and so on.

Google Ads ROAS

8.8:1 ROAS

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