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La Vie


La Vie Style House is a brand on a rapid rise. They specialize in high fashion, luxury women’s caftans, kimonos, shirts, and dusters.

We partnered with La Vie to help update their website to be more representative of the brand and manage their digital marketing efforts with the intent of reaching La Vie’s core audience and surpassing ROI goals.

Audience Research

To initiate the partnership, we first established the core targeted audience to help shape the digital marketing tactics. Using Experian Mosaics as a guide, we identified Luxury Lovers, Fashion Forwards, and Millennial Moms as our personas to market toward.

This audience allowed us to reach affluent, 30s to 60s females, using multiple social networks, cutting edge media, and who love to discover and preach about new brands.

La Vie

User Experience Audit

The La Vie website was in need of user experience and shopping flow improvements. Tractorbeam began management of the website with a specific goal of improving the homepage and category pages on the site.

We added Instagram integration to showcase La Vie’s vibrant photography and newest products, created more direct calls to action and value props, featured more categories for an easier shopping experience, and focused on expanding website content.

We also began measuring in-store conversions to bring together offline and online conversions, allowing us to understand the true impact of our efforts.

Website Conversion Rate



Website Revenue



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Social Media Marketing

By leaning on our customer research and personas, we created highly matched audiences across Facebook and Instagram to target with La Vie’s ads. We use a mix of targeted audiences and retargeting to grow the brand and convert customers.

Ads are mixed between promoting the in-store shopping experience, as well as online shopping. By combining our in-store sales with Facebook and Google Analytics, we are able to better optimize campaigns for success. 

In addition, we are using Shopify’s shopping feed to create dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads. 

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Included in the UX audit, was an SEO audit. The aim of the SEO audit was to eliminate any technical errors, create keyword-rich meta data, optimize the on-page content, and ensure the site was following SEO best practices. Since implementation, the website traffic and revenue have grown considerably from the organic channels.

Organic Traffic