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i Fratelli


Like all humans, we really like pizza, so we jumped at the opportunity to work with the Dallas-based pizza chain started by the Cole Brothers.

Our challenge was to transition i Fratelli’s Google Ads account from an automated platform that had been mismanaging the account for years.

Google Ads

As a growing pizza chain, our job was to increase online pizza orders in established locations, and in locations where new restaurants popped up.

Each campaign is geo targeted to the location’s delivery map, and is built using brand and non-branded keywords. Due to the competition from the massive pizza chains, we have to be strategic with the keyword usage and day parting to maximize the budget.

We take full advantage of every callout and ad extension to stand out from the competitors and take up more search real estate. In addition, because the campaign is managed on a micro-local level, ad content is written to appeal to the local consumer appealing to their Texas pride.

Click-Through Rate


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YoY *people really like pizza