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D&M Auto Leasing


D&M is the largest auto leasing company in the US. While many have heard their radio ads, D&M did not have a strong online presence. Radio drove the majority of their leads and received the majority of their budget.

D&M turned to Tractorbeam to help establish their business as a dominate online auto leasing company in the US.

Search Engine Optimization

Despite being the largest auto leasing company in the US, D&M did not have a strong organic presence, often not ranking on their most desirable search terms.

We started with a full-scale audit of the website, addressing the technical issues, the website speed issues, and the lack of optimized content.

Upon implementation, we shifted to improving the website’s user experience and flow. We performed an extensive analysis of the website’s call-to-actions, understanding where customers were dropping off and making improvements on capturing leads.

Ongoing, we have worked to build out the website to be more robust, focusing content expansion on search terms that drive the most volume and capture the most leads. We continually add new content to the website to address queries about leasing vehicles.

We have seen substantial increases in traffic and leads for D&M organically.

Organic Visibility


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Paid Media

Having established an incredible, trusting relationship, we have been able to expand D&M’s digital marketing efforts from just paid search and SEO to Youtube, programmatic, retargeting, ConnectedTV, and Spotify.

In addition, we have expanded geo targets and targeted audiences to increase D&M leads.

Google and Bing Ads

D&M’s paid search strategy for Google and Bing is focused on reaching potential customers in every phase of the conversion funnel. We use a mix of long-tail, broad, and brand keywords to gain impressions and click-through. Ad copy is updated regularly with new makes and models, deals, and incentives that keep ads fresh. Paid search is also used to drive information seekers to our regularly updated content, which helps drive potential leads in the research phase.

D&M has a very strict cost-per-lead goal, which allows us to operate more freely and make decisions that will grow the account, as long as we are hitting our goals.

We monitor SEO and paid search very closely, to ensure that paid search is helping to grow leads independently and not cannibalize leads from organic search.



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