Create a robust, impactful SEO program for 120+ individual Cortland communities across the US.

Search Engine Optimization

With 120+ properties on the website, Tractorbeam was tasked with developing and implementing a rolling, ongoing SEO program aimed at individualizing each community to perform well for local search.

Tractorbeam began by creating a gantt chart of monthly optimizations, which not only allowed for recommendations to be created, but implementations to be completed by a lean team.

We tiered groups of properties each month, so that recommendations did not weigh down the client-team and allowed for quicker implementations.

SEO Results

Traffic Increase

By focusing on content optimizations, expanding content opportunities, implementing schema data, SERP competitor analysis, and technical optimizations, Cortland has experienced a dramatic rise in organic website traffic.

organic traffic increase

*Traffic increase results based on launch – August 2020

Lead Increase

We created unified analytics goal tracking across all properties to determine performance. We discovered that properties enrolled in the SEO program had an average of 12% more last click leads than properties outside of the program.

In addition, cost per lead (leads/SEO investment) for properties maintained at under $15/lead, the lowest of all marketing endeavors.

Program Leads/Non-Program Leads


Cost per lead