Calistoga Motor Lodge

Calistoga Motor Lodge


The Calistoga Motor Lodge is a unique 1940s property that sits beneath the volcanic peak of Mount St. Helena at the top of Napa Valley.

Tractorbeam oversees all digital marketing for Calistoga Motor Lodge, including SEO, Paid Search, Social, and OTAs.

With all clients, we perform an audit of the Google Analytics and Tag Manager accounts to ensure e-commerce and goals were tracking correctly. We work closely with the management team to understand the property’s cost per lead and return on investment goals, which enables us to set the strategy for each marketing channel.

Paid Search

Tractorbeam rebuilt the Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts to be more granular and reflect the brand’s tone of voice. We worked to uncover keywords to position Calistoga Motor Lodge as the most unique and inspiring destination in Napa.

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Search Engine Optimization

Tractorbeam continues to perform technical and on-page optimizations on the website.

Technical errors on a website happen over time as pages are retired, images are updated, and internal links are added. We ensure the site is crawling with 99% accuracy, perform and optimize for site speed, and compress images.

In addition, we optimize the metadata, on-page content, and alt text to ensure each page is following a sound keyword strategy that accurately reflects the overall page’s theme.




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Social Media Ads

Tractorbeam used Facebook and Instagram ads to target the potential Calistoga Motor Lodge guest. Having a picturesque resort allows us to use lifestyle images to drive engagement and bookings.

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