Studio Movie Grill

studio movie grill


In 2000, Studio Movie Grill (“SMG”) modernized the traditional movie-going experience by combining first-run movies with full-service, in-theater dining.

With 30+ locations and with growing competition, SMG turned to Tractorbeam’s Digital Marketing team to execute ongoing campaigns focused on driving ticket sales.

Paid Search

Tractorbeam partnered with SMG’s audience insights team to create specific audience targets for each genre of film. This allowed us to hone in on the perfect keywords and ad copy that appeals most to the moviegoer. The Google Ads campaign was restructured to take advantage of film releases, using the unique SMG value proposition to gain high click-through rates on long-tail queries.

Ticket Revenue



Ticket Purchases



Return on Ad Spend

20 to 1


Programmatic and Retargeting

Using the extensive audience insights, Tractorbeam created granular, movie-focused programmatic ad campaigns to increase advanced ticket sales, as well as drive conversions on special events and general ticket sales.

Retargeting was created to match website visitors of specific movie pages with specific movie ads, which increased the conversion rate by 60%.

Programmatic Advertising ROI


Retargeting ROI


Search Engine Optimization

Tractorbeam worked with SMG to improve organic rankings, implement best-in-practice User Experience (UX), improve website conversion rate, and increase traffic and sales from organic search.

Technical Optimization

Tractorbeam made immediate recommendations for critical technical SEO changes to boost website performance including meta-tag, schema markup, site-map changes, and website structure and hierarchy.

Content Optimization

Along with technical SEO, Tractorbeam began optimizing content for keywords, synonyms, close variants, and, semantic distance to highlight critical content for search. Most importantly the content was written to add value to visitors, provide more information, and contribute to the greater good of the internet.

Organic Visits



Conversion Rate



Organic Revenue