Hilton Head Health


When we first began working with H3, their website was acquiring solid traffic and conversions, but there was little understanding of attribution. They had hit a plateau and needed to re-energize their digital marketing campaigns.

Our first priority was to audit the Google Analytics tracking to understand where bookings and contact us forms were being driven from. In addition, we added call tracking to measure and record phone calls from each online channel. We identified what a lead was worth, and set real ROI goals for each channel. Once we could understand current performance, we began optimizing to reach their goals.

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Search Engine Optimization

Hilton Head Health suffered from a lack of keyword focus and diversity. At the beginning of the engagement, Tractorbeam analyzed the most valuable keywords to optimize website content. Discovered and eliminated technical errors persistent throughout the website. And, worked closely with H3 and the PR company to increase the number of quality links and mentions.

Technical Optimization

Once the analysis was completed, Tractorbeam made immediate recommendations for critical technical SEO changes to boost website performance including meta-tag, schema markup, site-map changes, and website structure and hierarchy.

Content Optimization

Once technical SEO was implemented, ongoing optimization of on-page content began. Optimizing content for keywords, synonyms, close variants, and, semantic distance to highlight critical content for search. Most importantly the content was written to add value to visitors, provide more information, and contribute to the greater good of the internet.

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Paid Search

After exhaustive keyword and website analysis, Tractorbeam largely rebuilt the AdWords and Bing Ads accounts for H3. Daily optimization of paid search accounts is required to continue to grow and improve cost, conversions, and revenue.

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Return on Ad Spend

15.41 to 1

December 2015

Content Distribution and Social Media

Hilton Head Health has an incredibly engaged community and staff to leverage for content. By utilizing their professionals and their success stories, capturing intrigue should be simple. Hilton Head Health needed help getting people to see their content.

Tractorbeam works with the marketing staff at H3 to provide content optimization, technical editing, email marketing support, and social media copy to capture more visits through social and search. Our collaboration has been instrumental in increasing community engagement and providing solid social signals to increase search engine visibility.

Tractorbeam also organized a Blogger Retreat to increase social media engagement and drive visibility for the brand. During the event, social media engagement skyrocketed and provided backlinks, social media mentions, tags, and unprecedented H3 follower growth.

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Facebook Display Ads

Hilton Head Health has an award-winning offering, but many people that may be interested in their resort, may not even know where to begin searching. Utilizing granular affinity and demographic segmentation, Tractorbeam has produced display advertising that greatly exceeds performance benchmarks.

Average CTR


beating Facebook’s performance
benchmarks of .80% in 2015

FB Display ROI

6.61 to 1

for all advertising spend in 2015

In Application

Tractorbeam utilized all H3 marketing channels to increase website performance, driving revenue and goal completions. Digital marketing is an ongoing, evolving process, and we continue to monitor Hilton Head Health’s website and digital marketing channels daily, making adjustments to continue to provide measurable results.

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